Pastor's Message

Greetings Dear Ones,

Blessings to you all! There is lots of excitement around here these days! A new school year begins in a few days. The building project is underway and changes are visible daily. Also, we will be holding a special congregational meeting on September 10th at our 10 am worship service. During the meeting a proposal, approved by Consistory and presented by Christian Education Committee and the Worship/Missions Committee, will be offered to our membership for a vote by Consistory President, Debbie Matthies. We will vote on whether to continue to worship at 9 am year round.  If approved, the changes in our schedules for Sunday school and worship will begin October 1, with a celebration of Holy Communion during worship.

Exciting opportunities for faith formation, worship and fun are being organized and planned as I write. I look forward to each of our upcoming events as opportunities to share together in our mission and vision statements. When we come together as a congregation to worship, to play, to serve the community and the world we are living into God’s call for us as a United Church of Christ congregation.

 Our denominations mission campaign, “Three Great Loves: a Just World for all” fits right in with our mission as a congregation.  “We at Community United Church of Christ will love the Lord our God and our neighbor serving both with our heart, soul, mind, and strength through local and global missions.”

 Each congregation is being asked to seek ways to live out a commitment in mission to the love of children, the love of neighbor, and the love of creation. Our General Minister and President, Rev. John C. Dorhauer writes that together we can change the world! In big ways and in small ways, each one of us here at Community United Church of Christ on the corner of East and Maple in the small village of Elkhart Lake, makes a difference through our excellent Sunday school, our missions team with the gathering of needed supplies for local shelters as well as Church World Services health kits, our ladies Aid and their projects with the local nursing homes and the wonderful, tasty meals provided for Funerals. Our accessible entrance will also make more real our welcome to one and all to join us here in this place to worship, learn, and work on mission project and to be equipped and sent beyond our building to be God’s hands in the world.

 As the school year begins, as the building project gets closer and closer to completion, let us prayerfully consider how we serve God’s three great loves in this place. Thanks be to God for all the blessings of this life and for each one of you!


Pastor Deborah


















Reverend Deborah Tyler is our fulltime permanent pastor.  Reverend Tyler's responsibilities include:
  • Leading and preaching in the congregation’s worship services
  • Administering church business and overseeing the church staff
  • Working with the congregation’s governing board and its program committees
  • Overseeing the preparation of the worship bulletin and newsletter
  • Visiting members who are hospitalized, home bound and are nursing facility residents
  • Conducting funerals for members and friends of the congregation
  • Officiating at weddings for members and friends of the congregation
  • Providing counseling and making appropriate referrals
  • Teaching Confirmation/new member class for youth and adults
  • Maintaining a collegian relationship with the area clergy association