Pastor's Message

Dear Ones,

Blessings to you all! A friend gave the sermon in Chapel one day at Seminary. He had created a big mess in the sanctuary with boxes, trash, clothes hanging on clothes lines. “When the mess shows up, God shows up.” He told us. Whatever is going on whether it is in our own personal lives, our community, and our world or even with the weather, things can get messy, troublesome. During those times we often forget that God’s Holy Spirit is with us, giving us courage, strength, and resources for solving life’s problems. When the messiness of life begins to overwhelm us, we can forget to lean on our faith and each other. God, however, doesn’t forget. God shows up in the most amazing ways when and where we often least expect it.

 Lately, with our building and church yard under construction and our drive to finance both the building fun and our annual budget, life feels messy. When we look around at our building, flooring is gone leaving ugly bare under flooring visible. The bare floor downstairs is visible in a way that makes us uncomfortable about the mess. It feels like the construction has lain bare other problems or issues in the life of our beloved congregation and some of us are concerned about how it will all turn out.

 We have been in this messy place in the life of our congregation before. You all can share stories of the amazing history of Community United Church of Christ. You all can remember the mess, the struggle, the worry. You can also remember the joy, the hope and love that was part of the mess and what was accomplished. Maybe you wonder if we really need to go through all that again! Maybe, even though it has been talked about and planned for over seven years now, you wonder it now is the right time to be making a mess of things.

 If my friend is right though, if Jeremiah the prophet was right back in his day, God has plans for us and is with us in the messiness of it all. God is with us in the removing of the asbestos and damaged flooring that left ugly bare floor downstairs. God is with us as the hole in the side yard changes shape as the construction crew takes the property through the different stages of building the accessible entrance that will be the final product of all the current mess. God is with us, still speaking to us as we make plans for financing the project and our budget for the coming year. If my friend and Jeremiah are right, the Holy Spirit is already here blowing through this place, filling us with wonder, hope, courage and love for our building and the ministries we do out of this place. If the words we read in scripture are right, in the words we hear from our prayers from our still-speaking God, God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us. We can rest easy in that. We can trust and count on that. What it all means is God knows us and trust US to do what needs to be done here. Blessing abound and we can have faith that though it all seems messy, God is with us. God has shown up!

 While you are prayerfully considering your financial support of the church budget for 2018, and of the building fund, consider how much God has already done in the place through all your work and contributions. Consider the impact our congregation has had on the community and the wider church. Consider what God has done in your own life. Consider the prophet, Jeremiah’s words, God’s words sent to him and now to us. Jeremiah wrote, “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

See you in church,

Pastor Deborah

















Reverend Deborah Tyler is our fulltime permanent pastor.  Reverend Tyler's responsibilities include:
  • Leading and preaching in the congregation’s worship services
  • Administering church business and overseeing the church staff
  • Working with the congregation’s governing board and its program committees
  • Overseeing the preparation of the worship bulletin and newsletter
  • Visiting members who are hospitalized, home bound and are nursing facility residents
  • Conducting funerals for members and friends of the congregation
  • Officiating at weddings for members and friends of the congregation
  • Providing counseling and making appropriate referrals
  • Teaching Confirmation/new member class for youth and adults
  • Maintaining a collegian relationship with the area clergy association